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Habertürk / 13.07.2014

We have known you with the series of Elveda Rumeli. What were you doing before E.R?

Filiz Ahmet : I grew up in the theatre of Skopje, which was founded by my grandfather. I have exhaled in the atmosphere of stage since I was six. I worked as an employed actress in theatre.

Did you ever think of working and living in Turkey?

I used to visit Turkey in summers. But I had no intention of acting in Turkey. The factor effective in my taking part in Elveda Rumeli was Ertan Saban. He said, “There’s this role in Turkey and I have given your name, come and have an audition”. I used to be shy in front of the cameras. I was making use of theatre as my excuse. Finally I said: Let’s try it. I’m glad to have done so. And then, other things followed.

Nigar Kalfa was the last character you performed. And now you are on screen, with a comedy. Was this a deliberate choice or a coincidence?

Magnificent Century was full of drama. There were times that I couldn’t cry, though I had to. I was thinking of saddening things, which later upset me very much. I used to take the costume with me, to home. It was tiring. I wanted to act in a comedy. Luckily came this project. I preferred laughing, after the roles which required whining and crying.




Did you prefer comedy plays in the theatre, too?

I don’t want enter into one single shape. I have never played the same type of character. Both comedy and drama are part of my work. If a certain role kept on haunting me, then I would quit acting.

How do you spend your time when you are outside of the the set, in İstanbul?

The set occupies most of our time. I have got some engagements which help me relax. These are standard things like reading a book, listening to music or watching a film.

Habertürk 13.07.2014
Translated by Gurkan Yildiz

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